Changing the Game Project

This is a tremendous resource for coaches and parents interested in youth sports. The focus is on the major elementary and secondary school sports — baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and golf — but there is information and tips that can be used in pretty much any sport. The target age range seems to be 6 to 18, but my guess is that this site will be most useful for those young athletes who are not already involved in the more sophisticated programs, whether it is a well developed gymnastics programs in which children start at 6 or younger or a well funded high school football program at a larger school where football is taken seriously. In those situations there are already coaches who have a pretty good idea of what they are doing. In particular, this site will probably be most valuable for parents of young athletes and volunteer coaches in the more informal sports programs.

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TrainingPeaks offers various software tools for coaches of endurance athletes, particularly runners, cyclists, and triathletes. The core software allows a coach to keep track of all of the relevant information about their students’ training, to build workout libraries whose individual components can be customized for individual students, and to analyze their students’ progress and performance in order to see which areas need work.

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This software tool is aimed at coaches who wish to provide strength and conditioning programs for their athletes. The main audience is football, basketball, baseball, etc. coaches at high schools and smaller colleges who do not have dedicated strength coaches but who want their athletes to participate in strength and conditioning programs. The package includes instructional tools, software for tracking the progress of individual athletes, and analytical tools to identify areas that need improvement.

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Functional Movement

This is a system for the assessment and training of movement. People who take the functional movement courses offered by this group learn to look for problems in how individuals move and to correct those problems as a way of preparing people to train as effectively as possible. There are two sets of courses, one aimed at those in health care and the other designed for fitness professionals. Recommended by Joe DeLeo of LEO Training, a resource for athletes involved in competitive rowing (

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