There are many language learning resources available both on the Internet and in various other forms, such as CD- and DVD-based courses. Among the free courses, Duolingo is often the top-rated option. It is available both as a web app and a mobile app and is available for 22 languages, not including English. Among the paid courses, Rosetta Stone tends to get top marks. It is offered for 29 different non-English languages. Another option is the Pimsleur method, available for about 60 languages.

The best way to get the most out of any of these language courses is to apply the principles of deliberate practice. So I would suggest that as a first step in learning a new language you visit one or more of the following web pages and absorb what they have to say. The better you practice, the more quickly and better you will learn to speak your new language.


How to Learn a Language: The Complete Guide

An article on the LinguaLift language-learning website. You don’t have to decide to use LinguaLift for your instruction to take advantage of the advice in this article.

Read it here.



Reach Your Peak with Deliberate Practice

Another article from the LinguaLift website, this one focuses specifically on applying the principles of deliberate practice to learning a language.

Read it here.



Deliberate Practice for Language Learning: An Introduction

Like the above articles, this one appears on a language-learning website, but this is from LinguaCore. Again, it talks specifically about using deliberate practice to maximize the effectiveness of your learning a new language.

Read it here.


The Perfect Language Learning Routine

This article appears on a website devoted to learning Spanish, but its advice can be applied to any lesson. Again, it is based on the principles of deliberate practice, although in this case it got much of its information about deliberate practice from Geoff Colvin’s Talent is Overrated (a very good book, by the way).

Read it here.


How to Learn a Language in 6 Months According to the Experts

A collection of good pieces of advice when learning a language, with the advice generally lining up with deliberate practice principles. You may not learn a language in six months, but this will help speed the process.

Read it here.


How to Learn a New Language in Six Months

Some of the advice here is similar to what is found in the previous article, mainly because both articles refer to a TED talk by Chris Lonsdale on learning a language in six months. This article offers five principles and seven actions for language learning which can be applied to any language course.

Read it here.