Apex Resource Center

A Jacksonville, Florida-based that trains new drivers with a virtual vehicle that makes it possible to repeat specific driving situations over and over again. The system is particularly valuable for training novice drivers who have difficulty with the traditional method of getting into a real car with a driving instructor and driving right away, even if it’s only in a parking lot. It also does a much better job than traditional driving classes of preparing new drivers to react appropriately in various situations they may encounter while driving, such as another car pulling out suddenly in front of them. Apex also sells its virtual vehicle to other driving schools.

Find it here.


Speed Secrets

Speed Secrets offers a variety of resources for those interested in improving their driving, from eBooks to personalized instruction. The target audience includes everyone from hobbyists to professional Indy car drivers. See this blog for more details about the school.

The Speed Secrets website is here.


Rickdiculous Racing

A high-end school that trains motorcycle racing to those who are interested in competing at the professional level. There is personalized instruction, with the instructor going over each circuit around the track and making corrections and describing what could be done better. See a description of the school in this blog.

The school’s website is here.