Rehearsal provides online training aimed at businesspeople. The description on its website says it is a “video-based practice platform that gives teams a safe place to develop their communication skills so they can perform when it matters. Users can conveniently review, coach, and share responses to inspire the whole team.” What sets Rehearsal apart from similar products is that its training is consciously based upon deliberate practice principles. For example, the technology allows users to record themselves working through the exercises so that they can review their performance, get feedback from colleagues and coaches, and identify weak points that need additional practice.

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Art Turock

One of the people featured in Peak, Art Turock describes himself as an “elite performance game-changer.” I think of him as an executive coach. But whatever you call him, he gives speeches and seminars and offers leadership development projects an individual companies that last six to twelve months. His focus is on helping people do things to improve their performance while they are doing their usual work rather than taking time away from work to take part in training sessions. His training techniques are deeply informed by deliberate practice principles, particularly the use of feedback and focused exercises designed to improve a particular aspect of performance.

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