Version 2.0

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Hi, all. Today we have the second iteration of Peak Deliberate Practice. I’ve not changed the content (much), but I have revamped the appearance to be much more visually appealing and to give me the opportunity to feature some posts on the home page that might otherwise be buried down the list of blogs. I’m sure there will still be some kinks to iron out, but hopefully there will be fewer than before.

By the way, I have removed the community aspect of the website for now. The forums are still there, but for the time being I think the easiest way for those of us interested in deliberate practice to gather via social media is to do it through the Facebook group of the same name, Peak Deliberate Practice. If you haven’t joined that group yet, please do. You can find it here.

As always, please let me know of any suggestions you have for making the site better. I can’t promise I will get to any particular suggestion right away, but I can promise I will pay attention to all comments and suggestions and do what I can to respond appropriated.

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