New Book: Great Minds and How to Grow Them

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Deborah Eyre and Wendy Berliner have written Great Minds and How to Grow Them: High Performance Learning, which is focused on providing information to parents about how to make their children high-performance learners. In essence, their focus is on how to get children to engage in the deliberate practice that will allow them to become among the best in their field, whatever field that may be. The general idea is that with the proper training, children can develop the sorts of abilities that were once thought to be reserved for individuals born with extraordinary talent—a theme that will be familiar to anyone who has read Peak.

You can find a nice review of the new book (with a shout-out to our book) which was published in The Guardian at

You can order the book at Amazon U.S. or Amazon U.K. (click on links to buy).

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