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    Hi all,
    I thought it would be good if we had a thread where we can introduce ourselves, where we’re from, how we found out about Peak/deliberate practice and any and all other nuggets we feel like sharing.



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    I’ll go first.

    I’m Michael from the not so sunny locale of Scotland.

    I came across deliberate practice via Geoff Colvin’s book and audiobook which blew my mind at the time. I had before implicitly thought that certain people were more managerial/better leaders/more skilled at stuff due to innate talent. That this realization was wrong made me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO energized at the thought that actually very few things are beyond anyone if your diligent and smart about learning and practicing it.

    I’ll hopefully be enacting deliberate practice protocols to learn some small amount of conversational Spanish and a couple of other tasks I have in mind.

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    Robert Pool

    Thanks, Michael–
    I guess I’ve already introduced myself elsewhere, but since we’re just getting started here and there are still very few members, I’ll go ahead and put this up here to encourage more participation.
    I live in Tallahassee, Florida, in the United States, and I’ve come to think of myself as an apostle of deliberate practice. After writing the book Peak with Anders Ericsson, I’ve applied the principles of deliberate practice in my own life as I’ve gone back to something I learned decades ago but never got very good at — playing the guitar. Unfortunately I don’t have much time for practice, but the practice that I do now is far more effective than anything I did in the past, and I’ve become a much better guitarist than I ever was before. So I’ve seen how the principles that I wrote about can indeed make a real difference in one’s life, which has made me even more convinced of the potential of deliberate practice. My goal is to spread the gospel of deliberate practice as widely as I can because I truly believe that it can help individuals lead happier, more productive lives and, ultimately, make this a better world for everyone.

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    Peter Varnai

    I actually can’t remember where I first heard about these researches, but I’m sure it was a cross-reference from a book, mentioning Anders’s name 🙂 (maybe a book on memory or on habits)

    I always believed that there is no such thing as a predetermined set of talents, but everyone seemed to state it otherwise, even most of my teachers throughout schools.
    Anders and Robert’s book was so liberating for me to read. My beliefs got proven and the book also gave me the map for development.

    Now I work in film industry as a camera technician and director of photography but my main focus right now is researching soft skills and their acquisition in film industry. Mainly I am interested in leadership and communication skills, but the skills for a successful freelancing career are also on my plate. (In film industry everyone is a freelancer, and it has its own difficulties)

    I don’t want to just use this knowledge myself but mainly I want to share this knowledge with film industry, by writing about it, designing trainings, and coaching.

    I always wanted a platform like this to get in touch with like-minded researchers/trainers/professionals working with deliberate practice to solve interesting but difficult questions together.
    Thanks a lot Robert for creating it! 🙂

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    Alex D

    Hi All, I’m a Londoner, and I listened to the book on audible.

    After finishing the book (which didn’t take me long as I listened to it in every spare moment) I realised that this was the kind of book which combined the scientific method to self help, and I’ve mentioned it to boat loads of people ever since for that very reason.

    Being a startup geek I even approached Robert and Anders asking if I could help to build this website. That’s what I do for a living and the project was simply ‘coming soon’ at the time. I realised that it was 18 months since the book had been published and thought it may just not be happening.

    Anyway, Robert kindly responded to let me know they were doing it in house and I only just checked back today! I outlined what I wanted the site to be like in a podcast which was released 3 days ago now and for anyone interested the link is here:

    I’m so happy to see that this site now exists. I’ve learned a little from trying to get a deliberate practice group going on Facebook and an hoping that all that energy can come through onto this site now!

    Looking forward to the deliberate practice journey with you all, and keen to hear about the plans to promote and develop the site @RobertPool.



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